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In fact, they feel more like an interview than a romantic experience.If you really want to get the conversation flowing, focus instead on connecting to his heart by being vulnerable and authentic. Rather than asking him about his job or where he lives, ask him about a personal detail that opens the door to unusual conversation. Well, ladies & gentleman, get out your notepad because this dude is giving a tutorial.During those first few dates, you’re likely to find yourself with a man who is more nervous – and tongue tied – than you are.

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So say something about his class ring or the shoes he’s wearing.

The professionals she watched on her TV screen made it look so easy, but in reality it was anything but.

Scientists have successfully dated 120,000-year-old Antarctic ice using a new method called radiometric krypton dating.

Her particular favourites were the figure skating and ice hockey.

Sadly, though, there was no ice rink in King’s Landing nor was there one in Casterly Rock.

About a decade ago, scientists drilled a two-mile-long ice core in Antarctica that revealed 800,000 years of the planet’s climate history.