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Investigators worked to establish rapport with subjects and developed cases where they arranged to meet with for the purpose of sexual activity.Investigators said the suspects explicitly sought out minors for sex.The Kid’s opponent is Marc Mero, who enters to his “whipping” theme song with Sable. This match is a rematch from the Free-For-All match eight days ago.Vince welcomes Canadian viewers, who have missed the first three minutes of teh show due to Raw’s new start time in the U. The action starts out fast, with Mero executing a “Mexican arm drag,” which is what Vince still thinks a Japanese arm drag is called.This is an open channel, and may be logged for meetings, though should not be publicly logged.In reality, it's also used for most Meta-Wiki related maintenance discussions and requests; see also #wikimedia.

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The 123 Kid, whose Clique buddies are exiting the WWF, enters the ring for tonight’s first bout, accompanied by Ted Di Biase, who will also be jumping ship to WCW shortly.

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